Frequently Asked Questions

BAF LIONS RUN 2021 – Run for Diabetes

When is BAF Lions Run 2021 open for registration?

BAF Lions Run 2021 registrations start from May 6th, 2021, until the quota is filled.

When does the BAF Lions Run 2021 race period start?

BAF Lions Run 2021 race period starts from July 3rd until August 8th, 2021

Where will BAF Lions Run 2021 be held?

BAF Lions Run 2021 is a virtual run race, where Participants can run anywhere and anytime according to the race period set by the Race Organizer.

What is the Registration fee to participate in BAF Lions Run 2021?
CategoriesPrice (Indonesia Rupiah)
2.5KRp. 180.000 each participant

For any special offers, please check  or at Instagram @Lionsrunindonesia

What is a Virtual Run?

Virtual run is commonly known for using tracking application. Participants who sign up for a virtual race register online and simply choose their own starting line, run the race distance, and upload their finishing time. The total distance of the run must be completed within the set time period.

How does a Virtual Run work?

Participants simply download a running app and complete the selected run distance.

Is there a specific application that has to be installed?

Participants may use any running application of their choice. However you may use one of this application to submit automatically the run results: MapMyRun by Under Armour, Decathlon, Suunto and Strava

How do Participants upload their race result?

Participants will need to upload their results onto the Official BAF Lions Run 2021 Website ( The uploaded results must include the route, distance and time, not a selfie during the run. Or simply click link on your email with subject: BAF Lions Run 2021 – Vrun for Diabetes to access your Dashboard.

Can Participants change their race category?

Particpants cannot change their category, but they can re-register to a different category and make another payment.

Is there any refunds?

There will be no refunds for Participants who do not participate in the race, whether by canceling their registrations nor when they are unable to complete the race.

Is the BIB number transferable?

Participant’s BIB number cannot be transferred to another person. The committee is not responsible for the participant’s BIB number that is not used in accordance with the data held by the Committee. Prizes are only valid for the valid owner of the participant’s BIB number, according to the data registered.

How long does the Participant have to complete the payment?

Payment can be made a maximum of 1X24 hours after registration. Failure to make a payment within the time period will mean the deletion of the prospective Participant’s name from the list, hence the Participant will need to re-register should they still be interested in joining the Run.

What if the Participant does not have an ID card?

For Participants who do not have an ID Card or are under 17 (seventeen) years old, they can use a Student Card or a Child Identity Card for children.

What are the Run categories?
  • There are five (5) race distances: 2.5K, 5K, 10K, 21K and 42K.
  • There are two (2) race groups: Individual & Group
What makes BAF Lions Run 2021 different from others?

BAF Lions Run 2021 is a Run for Charity. Each year, the chosen charity differs. This year marks the third BAF Lions Run, and Run for Diabetes has been chosen as the theme. All of the funds raised will be used to carry out diabetes eradication activities.

Can anyone join the BAF Lions Run 2021?

BAF Lions Run 2021 is open for both Indonesian and foreign citizens. However, foreigner citizens will incur an extra fee for the shipments of the Race Pack and Finisher Medal shipments.

When can the Race Pack be collected?

The Race Pack, which includes the jersey, will be shipped from June 15th to July 10th, 2021.

Will Group Runners receive their jerseys at their address?

Jerseys of the members of Group Runners will be sent to the Group Leader’s address, as registered.

Where do Participants upload their results?

Participants can upload their results on the official website dashboard BAF Lions Run 2021. Each participant who has made a payment will get a username and password to log into the website dashboard.

Username and password of Group Runners will be sent to the Group Leader. The Group Leader has the responsibility to distribute the information as required.

How is the run distance calculated in the Group Runs?

Group Runners may finish the selected run distance in multiple runs. The distance will then be accumulated.

When can Participants upload their results?

Participants are advised to immediately upload their results upon finishing each run.

Does BAF Lions Run 2021 have a leaderboard?

Yes. Participants could check the Leaderboard on official website BAF Lions Run 2021.

Do Participants have to wear the BAF Lions Run 2021 jersey when running?

It is expected that Participants wear the BAF Lions Run 2021 jersey while completing their run.

Will Participants receive an e-Certificate?

After completing the running distance, individuals or groups, the Participants will receive an e-Certificate. Participants can simply download it from the Dashboard.